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First, about my site

If you're not familiar with L.A.M.P., you might be asking yourself a couple of questions, like why the shining lamp? What does it have to do with information architecture, communication, or the price of milk for that matter? For the most part, those are relatively easy to answer. The thing about the price of milk though, is indeed another matter, which I'll get to in closing.

L.A.M.P. is an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, Perl or Python. Its use first became popular back in 1991 in Germany as a means of defining how the MySQL database was used in conjunction with the Linux operating system, Apache httpd server, and either the Perl, Python, or PHP programming languages. Since those days, many believe L.A.M.P. has come to represent the open source web platform. Today, a large number of folks will tell you that LAMP is the platform of choice for the development and deployment of high performance web applications. But with the advent of .NET (pronounced dot-net) and other web-related technologies, others might dispute that claim. I intend on getting into that in a future article.

In any event, L.A.M.P. is the platform I've chosen to host this site on, which is basically a large collection of XHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP scripts, and a couple of MySQL databases. Hence the name. As for whether or not it truly shines, well, time will tell. In the meantime, the shining lamp will be my hobby horse, my consultancy, and a resource geared toward assisting others in like professions, as well as my clients and potential clients, and anyone else interested in what makes effective communication tick. So stay tuned, there's a lot more to come.

Oh, one last important thing: if you're interested in learning more about L.A.M.P., have a look at Dale Dougherty's LAMP: The Open Source Web Platform. It's a good start, a short article, written by one of the first on this side of the Atlantic to have a L.A.M.P. light up in his head. It's also the source of some of the information I've stated above.

Finally, as for the price of milk and its relationship to the shining lamp, let's just say I'll be able to drink a lot more of it if I'm successful. And in light of that, I'd like to now ask you a question: got milk?



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