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Remember those old "under construction" pages people used to put in their web sites to let you know they haven't started working on those pages yet? Actually, a lot of folks still use them, but it sure can be frustrating for the reader to find nothing when they were expecting something [cough...]. I know of a few myself that I'm currently working on that don't exist yet. They are:

  • phase two: the strategy phase
  • phase three: the design phase
  • phase four: the implementation phase
  • putting it all together
  • phase five: the administration phase
  • last, but not least: IA afterthoughts: Web 2.0 and the future

These pages are part of the "What's an information architect" series, and will be done shortly. In the meantime, will take you back to where you were. Or you can choose an option from the main menu to the upper left, or have a look at my site map.




Note: Please bear with me while I continue to update my site.